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Cornwall is perhaps known for being a slow adopter of Technologies and at times that can lead to potential clients, who could really benefit from it, having little to no interest in it. It's not just an issue in Cornwall though, knowledge of Technology and particularly a knowledge that can excel a business often costs money.

I've found over time that the best way to acquire clients is not to give them the hard sale, but educate them on the potential their business has online and why to reach that potential it should be done by a professional.

A question I'm often posed with is "You can build a website for free! Is there even a point in web developers anymore?" and within reason that's true, if you discount the cost of hosting and Plugins etc. This is the same as almost any profession though - If you discount the ingredients you can make a meal for free, but it's nicer to be cooked for and looked after at a restaurant. If you have the materials you could build a house! But it may fall down. These are both perfect examples of why you may choose a Web designer and Developer over trying to do everything yourself. A developer looks after your online needs so you can relax and get on with your business. They ensure your website is built to the highest standard and to suit your needs and is not going to fall down at the first plugin conflict. The point in designers and developers is they look after you, while making your products and services look and feel great!

Cornwall has rich creative history, and that continues today, in fact in 2017 Which? University Student Survey voted Falmouth University the "Top Creative Scene" with 27% of students going on to start their own business - That's 4 times the national average.

Many of these business', like a lot of business' already though-out Cornwall produce great products and services and they should not be overlooked. Growing a business can be daunting, it can cost money, but trusting in the fantastic abilities and knowledge of local business' to help you is an important part of growth.

As web designers and developers in Cornwall we feel it's important to keep up to date with the latest in current best practices and technologies. Technology moves very quickly and if you're not dedicated you can quickly fall behind which is why we do this, so you don't have to. Keeping up to date helps us help you by providing you with the best websites and latest technologies, allowing your business to compete online while you focus on your products and services.

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